Private Hikes

Looking for a unique experience for your Vermont vacation?  Scheduling a private Yoga Hike not only allows you to have total flexibility in planning your hike, but you get more physical adjustments and suggestions specifically tailored to you and your yoga practice. For private Yoga Hikes, you determine not only the date and time of your hike, but also its length, level of difficulty and tone. Private Yoga Hikes can be meditative, social, playful, or all of these!  

A private Yoga Hike is a terrific option not only for families and couples, but also for work groups looking for a unique team-building experience and friends wanting a fun activity for a bachelorette or girls' weekend away. Pricing is based on the number of participants and the length of the hike, so contact Miss Amanda today to get a quote and schedule your hike. 

Private Yoga Lessons

Privates are the best!  They're a great option for people who are new to yoga or who want individual attention as they deepen their practice. Private lessons can be a simple, one-time event for someone with a specific goal or ongoing for people interested in help establishing a regular yoga practice.

If you're too busy to get out to yoga class, let Miss Amanda come to you at a time that best suits your schedule. Private lessons are surprisingly affordable, so contact Miss Amanda to start the discussion on how she can help you get more yoga into your life.