Q: What happens on a Yoga Hike?

A: The Yoga Hike begins with stretches at the trailhead and a few moments of reflection.  Then we hike using simple yogic principles of movement with scenic stops for “Yoga Breaks.” After hiking, we use yoga to cool down and rest. To deepen the experience, we incorporate periods of silence into our hike. 

Q: I've never done yoga. Can I come on a Yoga Hike? 

A: Definitely. If you like to walk, you will do great on a Yoga Hike. Don’t worry if you’re not flexible—if you can breathe, you can do yoga!  You decide how hard to push yourself, and you’re welcome to skip any pose.   


Q: Where do you do Yoga Hikes? 

A: Most Yoga Hikes take place in the quiet woods around Barnard, a village in the heart of Vermont.  Ten minutes north of Woodstock on Route 12, Barnard is 2.5 hours northwest from Boston and an hour south from Montpelier. You will get specific directions to your Hike before the event.   


Yoga Hike trails have been specifically chosen for their beautiful views.  The yoga sequences are tailored to the unique features of each trail, allowing you to interact more deeply with the environment. Because this is Vermont, expect to hike up and down at least one hill. 

Q: What do I wear and bring to a Yoga Hike?


Q: What's the difference between a Private Yoga Hike and an Open Group Hike?

A:  Prepare as if you were going on a normal hike.  We suggest that you have the following: 

  • Shoes or boots for hiking
  • Pants or shorts that allow you to stretch 
  • Long sleeves or bug repellent
  • Hat
  • Water
  • Camera if you like to take photos
  • Blanket or mat for post-hike relaxation, which will be kept in a locked car at the trailhead

A:  For a Private Yoga Hike, you book the time and date, determine the difficulty level and length of the hike, and bring whomever you like.  This is a fun option for individuals, couples, families, work groups, or groups of friends.  Prices are reasonable and determined by the number of participants and length of the hike.  To schedule a Private Yoga Hike, contact Miss Amanda.  

An Open Group Hike is open and advertised to the public. These hikes include hikers of varying ability levels and occur at set times and places. The next Open Group Hike can be found on this calendar. Sign up by emailing Miss Amanda.