Yoga Love

I have taken a lot of yoga but have never learned so much as with you. What excellent adjustments you make!

·      Tesha, Wellness Retreat Owner/Caterer, Woodstock, VT


The ladies all thank you for a most spiritual and memorable "hike in the woods!"  We LOVED it---and we loved our time with you!  In fact, they have mentioned it was definitely one of the top highlights of our time in New England.  All of us thoroughly enjoyed our time with you and the way in which you tailored the time and the yoga to our individual limitations. 

·     Linda, Springfield, MO



Amanda is a wonderful and inspiring yoga teacher - it’s been a privilege to go on Yoga Hikes with her in gorgeous and majestic places, it’s been so great to explore these areas with her too. She maps out the terrain, carefully advances you to different poses and is incredibly positive and encouraging. She also is a lovely person. I can’t recommend her Yoga Hikes enough. 

·      Stacey, Lawyer/Artist, Boston, MA


I have enjoyed many Yoga Hikes with Miss Amanda and I can’t say enough wonderful things.  Miss Amanda shares compassion with each hiker no matter how experienced.  Her way of promoting balance in her yoga style and experience in her hikes and where to go makes it so interesting and new each and every time. 

Her Yoga Hikes stimulate you inside and out.  I would highly recommend Miss Amanda,  Her awareness and flow keeps you lifted .

·      Claire, Yoga Instructor/Reflexologist, South Royalton, VT


Last summer, I went to several of Miss Amanda’s yoga classes at The Shire hotel in Woodstock. It was a always a great way to start my day….I found Amanda’s style really welcoming and approachable. Her guidance was always clear, and I found the pace to be a perfect balance (simultaneously calming and challenging). I especially liked how she started the practice each day by sharing a quote with the group. I am really looking forward to more classes this summer taught by Miss Amanda!

·      Cassidy, Potter, Woodstock, VT


Great class yesterday.  You’re such a kind and patient teacher, with great rhythm and gentle guidance, and I love the attention you put into the readings and their interpretation through what we’re doing. You rock!

·      Ellen, Author, Montpelier, VT


Yoga Hikes Vermont with Amanda Anderson is an extraordinary experience.  With Miss Amanda’s yoga expertise, her ability to navigate a group of every skill level on the trail, her preparation for the trail, and her generous, flexible, adaptable heart + style, my Yoga Hikes Vermont experience was truly extraordinary.  

I love to hike!  I love yoga! I love VT!  

I was sold on this idea +then meeting Miss Amanda + participating was fantastic.  

I return to VT each summer for one month + these Yoga Hikes are a priority for me while I’m there.  

·      Gena, Meditation Teacher, Richmond, VA


Thank you for your amazing hikes this summer and all the great yoga work you do. I’ll miss you and I really look forward to taking your classes when you return. You’re my favorite yoga teacher!!!

·      Tara, Artist/Homemaker, Barnard, VT


A calming, quiet walk through the woods.  Yoga postures to stretch and loosen the body and mind.  Beautiful Vermont woodlands with occasional vistas to the mountains beyond.  And maybe even a bear.

Amanda’s Yoga Hikes are a highlight of my summers.  Maybe they will become a highlight of yours.  I recommend Amanda and her hikes!

•     Barbara, Norwich, VT


I’ve been able to enjoy two of Miss Amanda’s Yoga Hikes. They’re always crafted for most any ability level, and she can make modifications as needed. Both hikes I went on while pregnant, and I felt refreshed afterwards contrary to what my mind anticipated before the hikes! The hikes allowed me to learn new trails in my area and to appreciate my surroundings while refocusing my energy on myself. Totally recommend!

·       Sarah, Business Woman/Mother, Lebanon, NH

Desert Yoga Photo Credit: Pukhraj Yogi