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Yoga Hikes Vermont™!

Come into the state of Yoga.

Sometimes we need to go outside to deepen our understanding of ourselves.  Here at Inner Lift Yoga, we bring yoga into the woods on our signature Yoga Hikes, besides offering traditional yoga classes and Thai Yoga massage.  Our Yoga Hikes take place in the fresh air and quiet woods of Vermont, where the mountain views inspire us to find the best in ourselves.  We use yoga on the trail to help our minds relax into the present moment, releasing stress and connecting us more deeply with our surroundings. It's a uniquely transformational experience.  

Are you new to yoga?  Try this practice in a casual setting under the guidance of Miss Amanda, an experienced, certified yoga teacher. (You can even keep your hiking boots on!) Or join one of her weekly indoor classes in the Upper Valley.  Schedule is here

You can also book a private Yoga Hike for yourself, along with your family and friends.  This option allows you to choose the location, length and difficulty level of your Yoga Hike, and Miss Amanda will select yoga poses for your level of experience.  Prices are reasonable and based on the number of participants and length of your Hike, so contact Miss Amanda for a quote. 

Too lazy for yoga? Try Miss Amanda's Thai Yoga Massage, a passive yoga workout and an incredible way to release blocks and free up energy in your body.  Relax and be transformed!  To book a massage, please contact Miss Amanda.  

Upcoming Yoga Events

Yoga Hikes are posted monthly; click here to receive hike and other event announcements in your in-box!