Thai Yoga Massage

Too tired for yoga?  Gain increased energy, vitality, and flexibility while resting!  No joke!  Thai Yoga massage is an ancient healing art also known as Nuad Bo-rarn, which is very loosely translated as “lazy person’s yoga.”

How does it work?  You lie on a soft floor mat, fully clothed, while Miss Amanda gives you prompts to bring your mind into a meditative state.  Then she performs a sequence of flowing rhythmic compressions on your body to awaken dormant energy and release muscular tension.  When your body is warmed up, Miss Amanda will gently move your limbs into various positions to give you passive stretches that will increase your flexibility, circulation, and energy flow.  All you have to do is breathe! 

If you love getting adjustments in yoga class, this massage style is for you.  Miss Amanda’s years of yoga-teaching experience have honed her intuition for moving clients to the edge of their stretch, the place where the body opens and allows energy to flow most freely.

Thai Yoga massage has these benefits:

  • Satisfies your body’s craving for a really lovely massage
  • Increases your range of motion so you can kick it on the dance floor
  • Makes you ten years younger, energetically speaking
  • Flushes out your system by increasing circulation and lymphatic flow
  • Calms your darn monkey mind
  • Rejuvenates your soul through Miss Amanda’s loving attention
  • Relieves the pain and tension of living in a human body
  • Transports you out of your 21st century American life into a timeless existence where your spirit is connected with all living beings*

Give yourself this gift by contacting Miss Amanda to set up a massage today.  She can even come to your home. (For destinations farther than 20 minutes from Barnard, there will be small travel charge.)  Massage rates are $90 for one hour; $120 for 90 minutes and $140 for two hours.  If you're not completely satisfied, get your money back!

Give the gift of Thai Yoga massage! 

A unique present guaranteed to please!  Great for someone who: 

  • Runs or does other intense exercise
  • Experiences physical stiffness
  • Feels stuck, emotionally or spiritually
  • Loves one-on-one attention
  • Needs an energizing boost

Contact Miss Amanda and get this fine gift certificate for your loved one.  

You can even pay online by pressing the button below. 

You can even pay online by pressing the button below. 

Satisfied clients say... 

"With her exquisite energy and masterful, flowy technique, Amanda is more than a yogi, more than a compassionate TYM practitioner. She is a healer, in the traditional sense of the word. Whether you are seeking a sense of elevated energy, physical relaxation, or something more spiritual, you will find in Amanda a knowing and worthy partner."

-Dave, Author/Lecturer, McHenry, IL


"I am a long distance runner, which means my muscles are in a tense and knotted state most of the time. The tension in my muscles has historically caused me a LOT of pain, particularly in my left knee, and for years and thought I was just going to have to live with it. After the Thai massage with Amanda, I ran 20 miles with ZERO pain in my knee. At first, I wasn't sure if it was the massage or my imagination, but it's been nearly half a year since then and I still feel no pain in that knee. It has changed my running experience!"

-Heidi, Tech Writer/Long Distance Runner, Barnard, VT


"24 hrs. later and I still feel great - no pain in hip or knee even when riding!  I’m a believer! ;-)  Will contact you again soon for “maintenance”!

-Bambi, Equestrian, West Windsor, VT


"Kudos to Miss Amanda!  With her extensive knowledge of yoga, Thai massage is a natural fit.  I am a body worker of fourteen years, and this was one of the best sessions I have ever received. Amanda's sessions flow with ease and grace. Go get yourself one of her fantastic massages!"

-Cassandra, Soul of NOLA Tour Operator/Massage Therapist, New Orleans, LA


"Your massage was wonderful! It loosened me up to the most flexibility I've had since my back injury." 

-Susan, Retiree, Taftsville, VT


"Thank you for a wonderful Thai Yoga massage! I felt relaxed, stretched, and rejuvenated.  Great for the hips and legs and mind. Thanks!"

-Gina, Vineyard Manager, Denman Island, BC, Canada


"I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from my Thai massage.  I’ve never had one before… It was very different from a regular massage and I really, really enjoyed it.  It seemed almost part workout, part massage.  Slowly and carefully, Amanda stretched my muscles.  She used her body weight and strength to stretch me out.  It’s the best stretching that I have had in a long time, even though I exercise regularly.  I am a pretty tightly wound person, so Amanda had her work cut out for her. She was very professional and it was easy to tell her if I needed to reposition or if the pressure wasn’t quite right.  By the end, I was stretched out everywhere and felt so loose and relaxed.  My muscles got a workout and wonderfully stretched out at the same time. I am sure that my body has not been so loose and relaxed since I was a child.  If only I could have one every day!  I highly recommend Amanda’s Thai massage!"

-Rebecca, Reading Specialist/Homemaker, Mt. Prospect, IL

*Optional.  You can also just enjoy the massage and forget all the spiritual stuff.  


photo credit: Trishell Joffrion