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Mid-Summer Mindfulness Retreat

“You can use your mind, to change your brain, to change your mind.” 

- Rick Hanson, Meditator + Neuropsychologist

Change your mind on this tranquil, informative retreat with visiting mindfulness meditation teacher Gena Adams-Riley and Miss Amanda.  Together, we will be guiding you through a day of yoga, hiking, mindfulness meditation, discussion, and a fantastic communal lunch. We will practice mindfulness in various settings: not only on the cushion, but in the woods, on the mat, and even in the hot tub!  

Gena is eager to share her knowledge of Contemplative Neuroscience, research-based science which clearly demonstrates that mindfulness practices such as yoga and mindfulness meditation have positive, profound, and scientifically-measurable effects on the brain.  These changes in your brain contribute to a happy, healthy, long life.  Learn to do these practices with Gena, a mindfulness mediation teacher with almost 20 years of experience. 

Our day will begin at the Camp Plymouth State Park in Ludlow, VT with a special Yoga Hike, an invigorating moving meditation led by Miss Amanda that uses the natural features of the forest to support our yoga poses and focus our mindful attention.  We’ll then reward ourselves with a gourmet vegetarian lunch at Good Commons, a sweet, homey retreat center dedicated to the mission of providing calm, healing space.  Afterward, Gena will lead a discussion on Contemplative Neuroscience and practice of seated mindfulness meditation.    

Our retreat will continue with a soak in the Good Commons hot tub, and we'll finish the day with the practice of yoga nidra, or "psychic sleep," a guided meditation that will relax the body so that you can seed positive affirmations into your subconscious mind.  

Ready to make positive change?  Your investment in this all-inclusive event is $110, and if you bring a friend, each of you will receive a $10 discount.  Please preregister by contacting Miss Amanda at this link.