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40 Days of Yoga (In a Row!)

In the Kundalini yoga tradition, we are encouraged to practice the same sequence or meditation for at least 40 consecutive days to change a habit and create space for positive energy to enter our awareness.  After 99 days of doing the same mediation every day (my first round, I got up to 102), I can assure you that it works.  The sequence that I do has become a good friend and consistent ally to me, even - especially - on the days I don't want to do it.  Because I do it anyway.  

What would it be like to practice every day?  How would it change you?  If you have the desire to know more about yourself and what you can do, join me for daily practice starting on January 1 for a totally FREE independent study with support.  

How it works: you'll connect with me by clicking this link, and I'll give you ideas for daily practice.  Some options are only 10 minutes long - totally doable.  Starting on 1/1, all of us yogis will independently practice our sequence or meditation every day for 40 days, finishing on Feb 9.  Throughout, we will support each other through an optional email list.

Do it!  I know you can!   

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