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Attracting Abundance: Kundalini & The Law of Attraction

  • True Center Yoga 2 South Main Street Randolph, VT 05060 (map)

If you want your fortunes to shift, you have to begin telling a different story.
-Abraham Hicks

If you only do one event with me, ever, THIS IS THE ONE!  Stop limiting yourself with ideas of scarcity, doubt, and regret. Open your life to greater goodness and abundance, by which I mean - cash money! 

Kundalini Yoga master Yogi Bhajan taught several ancient practices to raise your energy and bring on the good green stuff.  From my own experience, I can tell you that they really work. I'll be teaching those practices so you can find out for yourself!  In addition, local luminary Lise Miller will engage us in a discussion on the Law of Attraction, which gives you permission to focus on feel-good emotions.  We're not offering not a get-rich-quick scheme; we're offering a revolution in your worldview and practices that will steadily bring wellness, contentment, and yes, cash! 

If you secretly think that money is bad or has nothing to do with spirituality, then sign up NOW for this informative workshop that will reorient you towards the good that money can do you.  

Register by emailing me by clicking here or simply pre-pay by clicking here.  The workshop is priceless, but we're charging $40 as your investment in a brighter future for yourself.