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Creative Expression Through Yoga: Opening the Heart

  • Artistree 2095 Pomfret Road South Pomfret, VT, 05067 United States (map)

Express yourself by opening your heart!  Use yoga to help you access creativity by writing or drawing after doing accessible chest-opening poses.  Witness the secrets of your heart and fearlessly put them down on the page.

For this final session in the Creative Expression series, you will do accessible chest-opening yoga poses to increase freedom in the heart center, inviting an upwelling of courage and compassion.  Often new creative terrain will arise with this freedom, which we explore through writing and drawing on the yoga mat.  While this is not a vigorous yoga class, you will be encouraged to embrace physical challenge as a means to explore the relationship between your physical and interior life.

The third of three sessions, you can participate even if you didn't attend previous workshops.  To register, contact Artistree at 802-457-3500 or use this link